Sunday, August 1, 2004

No writer polluted the clubhouse more ...

In response to a Boston Globe column by Dan Shaughnessy on the departure of Nomar from Boston, a letter to the editor...
"That was Nomar. The ultimate downer. The wonderful talent who hated playing in a place where people cared too much."

I think the ultimate downer is named Shaughnessy, who hates writing in a place where he's been bored since the Curse of the Bambino was published. Dan's only good columns are the ones where he bothers to leave MLB and the other top tier professional sports behind. In those columns, he leaves stereotypes and athlete baiting behind for real commentary on the issues and people of sports.

Just as the team may be better without Nomar, the Globe coverage of the team would be better without Dan on that beat. Then, thank the baseball god, we would no longer have to read Dan's columns that pretend that he cares about the fortunes of the Boston Red Sox.
As you can tell, I just love ole Dan.

p.s. Lest you didn't see the original column and the link has expired, my letter to the editor was mostly updating Dan's prose about Nomar to comment on Dan himself.

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