Tuesday, August 3, 2004

Consult an adult if you don't know how to post ...

Someone likes certain a Boston Globe columnist less than I do. Unfortunately for her, she regretted her crude hyperbole, especially when Boston Common pointed people to her post and she suddenly had her 15 minutes of fame.

All of which reminds me of why I try avoid cursing in print, and always avoid venting in any way when writing code comments. (Comment should be insight for what the code does. Not what it did last week, but why it does what it does now, and perhaps the occasional suggestion as to how to make it better.)

My gift and my curse is that I try stick to the truth, to the point of bluntness. Not that it improves my professionalism, but at least it's an easy story to stick to.


The point of this post is that we are responsible for what we say in public, and that the Internet, at heart, is a very public place with a long memory. The scribe at Boston Common didn't go searching for her post; the Internet served it up on a platter because she had told it to.

The author of the post which started this requested I delete the link to the post. I have done so, leaving to a generic pointer to her blog. I've also edited out the magic word from her comment (hey, this a family blog, more or less).

I'm not deleting her comment or the link to her site; she's welcome to secure the site if she doesn't want anonymous visitors.


  1. I did not regret my "crude hyperbole"... my site is filled with them. I only changed to "very bad word" in my subsequent entry because I didn't want people googling the original phrase and finding their way back to my site again.
    I just like my privacy. I average 5-10 hits a day and they're all from the same people. It was a bit unsettling to suddenly have 100 hits from complete strangers yesterday so I deleted the entry. For some reason, it's still showing. I assume it's stuck in my host's cache or something. I've asked boston-online to remove my link but they haven't. And now I'm asking you to remove this link as well. Thanks.

  2. Are you the type of "adult" I should be consulting before posting? I very polited asked you to remove mention of me from you blog, and instead of obliging, you've initiated some sort of crusade against me. How very adult of you.
    And furthermore, I find it incredibly ironic that you've chosen to chastise me for not wanting my link publicized on that site when you yourself have had YOUR link removed from that very article.