Sunday, July 27, 2008

The iPhone You Love to Hate

I have an original iPhone from work which I use for on-call duty plus person use. It's now running the iPhone 2.0 software and various nifty apps from the Apple Apps store.

Random iPhone 2.0 software comments:
  • Applications that crash silently return to the main menu. This gets interesting when an app corrupts it data and crashes every time it starts up. Hello, OmniFocus for iPhone developers? (I had to delete it and reinstall.)

    (Fortunately, I had previously synced the data to my Mac.)
  • An application upgrading over the Net decided it was a new install and cleared its database. Hello, SplashId developers?

    (Fortunately, I had synced that data to my Mac as well.)
  • Cute apps that randomly lookup real data could use options. Yes, I want to eat random food. No, I don't want to drive randomly 20 miles. Hello, UrbanSpoon developers?
Random general Apple comments:
  • Apple letting their servers getting swamped on launch day by people registering new iPhones while others upgrade
    was, for want of a better term, lame. Capacity is not free or easy, but a business decision to make a big splash with a global launch needs to be backed up with resources and fallback plans.
  • If launch issues were lame, the outages with Apple's online service Mobile Me are scary. As David Pogue documented, 1% of the users could not access their mail for days.
  • No talk of Apple can go without mention of Steve Jobs; this week's topic is the secrecy over his health. Words don't describe anything to do with the cult of Steve.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Gotta Check That Manual

I rode the bike again, again feeling wiped. It would have helped if the bike had been ridden since my last post on the topic.