Sunday, May 4, 2008

Power On Self Test Failure - Please see manual!

After my exercise bike ride, I showered and crashed for a nap. (Not only did I ride, I was up way too late last night ...)

Alas, we had a fire drill here at the hobbit hole in the form of broken drinking glasses, with cats needing immediate herding by yours truly. This got me up, dressed, and moving, no doubt with a free shot of adrenaline. The cats weren't interested in being herded, so it took more effort and cat treats than I expected, but finally they were confined. I paused ... and realized I was sweating with a serious power shortage.

I grabbed the nearest prepared food (a pretty good ├ęclair, actually), ate it, got a milk chaser, and then sat to for almost fifteen minutes. Then I went and napped for another three hours.

(And no, I'm not diabetic, due to other issues like low thyroid I get checked regularly).

Power has been restored. :-)


Yea, I just turned around on some street paved with good intentions. I don't know which direction I'm headed in, let's try a side street...

More literally, it's been February since I rode the exercise bike, and while I continued dropping weight into March for a total of ~ 7 pounds, it all came back in April as I went deep focus on a project at work. How a deep a focus? My manager, who was not flogging me in the first place, told me to actually take my weekends off as I took vacation this past week.

So I did, and I rode today. So it begins again, actually a pound above where I started the year. Ah, well. Gotta start somewhere.