Sunday, February 27, 2005

Let It Bleed

Back during the week of February 14th I had a cold, and this evolved into a screaming pain on the right side of my face (probably my sinuses) and occasional blurry spots in my vision. I made the usual HMO fly-by and they put on me antibiotics, also put me on high BP medicine (that's been coming for a while), and told me see my optometrist since my exam was due anyway.

The optometrist was yesterday (Saturday)

The optometrist dilated my pupils, and took a look inside the right eye with microscope. Then looked at the left. Then looked back at the right to compare to the two. Result of the exam: My right retina has minor hemorrhaging.

"Not a problem, but something which requires follow up." Easy for him to say.

He's directed me back to my primary care physician for a full sugar profile (to check for diabetes), and also for a referral to an ophthalmologist.

(And yes, my fingers are gonna do the dialing Monday morning.

[Later .. corrected optician to optometrist.]

Sunday, February 20, 2005


During the blizzard of 2005, the plows left a pile of snow topping out at five feet high on our sidewalk at the same corner that a pickup truck rammed the week before.

I let it melt until yesterday, when I attacked the two feet high remains with the snow blower. It's gone now, or more precisely scattered into a two inch deep layer of ice around (and on) our porch and bushes.

Unfortunately, it appears I also threw ice or some foreign matter higher than the porch floor. To be precise, one of our front windows has a nice round hole in it, mostly likely from a pebble thrown from the snow blower.

With more snow coming tomorrow, I suggest everyone take cover before I work the sidewall over again...