Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lance Armstrong, I'm NOT

I rode the semi-recumbent stationary bike on my regular schedule today. This is noteworthy only because I nudged it up to level 3 for 48 minutes and lived to tell about it.

In October, I was using level at 1 for 32 minutes.

Most interesting to me is not the "distance" I went, but that my knees (my weakest link) have far less discomfort with this level and time than in they did during the lighter workouts back in October. So it would appear I am responding to the regular exercise.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Still a Few Bugs in the System

A Wii Fit showed up for Christmas, after Katherine searched high and low for it which is tale in itself.

(Short version: She gave up, chose another present, and happened to ask about Wii Fit when she was paying for my other present. Score!)

When Wii Fit tested my weight and balance on Friday, it pronounced my Wii Fit Age as 12 years older than my calendar age, and noted that I'm obese. (No kidding...)

When it tested me today, it said that I had gained four pounds and that my Wii Fit age had dropped 9 years. I think it's downright confused. I have lost weight (per the bathroom scale, used daily), and my fitness certainly hasn't improved that much to overcome the perceived weight gain.

Side note: Since my last post in November, I have been exercising and slowly losing weight, about 7 pounds in the past month on top of previous losses. The loss could be a little faster (bot not much), so life is good.