Saturday, July 28, 2012


I feel I am getting more sloppy about my eating and exercise habits, but my weight loss continues at the rate over just over two pounds a week.   I guess I'm not screwing up too badly, especially I've been dropping long enough to see real results in my waistline.  I keep swapping belts, and seeing what old things fit.   The coolest item so far is my SRE Mission Control jacket, which was an excellent for some top down motoring in cool weather yesterday.

(What, your company doesn't give spiffy leather jackets for schwag?   Come work for mine.  Void where prohibited, certain terms and conditions apply.)

Suffice say, it's getting to be that some clothing clean up is order.  Case in point are my belts. I have a selection in varying sizes going back 10 years.  A few months ago, I decided to clean out stuff I don't wear, like any belts too small to wear and T-shirts too ugly to wear.  By the time I got around to actually carting a load to the local St. Vincent de Paul donation center today, not only had the belts that fit changed,  I realized I should dispose of the largest belts and keep the older belts that I have a very good chance of shrinking into.  I also sent away my largest "fat pants", which had only been worn a couple of times.

I must note that our closets do hold ample evidence of the major room for improvement.  I've got at least two jackets from different decades which don't come close to fitting yet, a trench coat old enough to drink which never sees the light of day in rainy Seattle, and jeans I would have to drop the considerable amount I have already sloughed off again before if they might fit again.   (I have no idea why those jeans still exist, I think they were worn last during the first Reagan Bush administration.)

Even so, the closet may need another pass.  But I didn't have time today, and besides the more I lose the more I need add to the pile.

What a nice First World problem.

Updated:  I mis-read the labels on the jeans, inseam versus waist.   Let's just say I'm shorter than I am wide.