Friday, July 30, 2021

Simple Joys for Simple Hobbits

I've had flaky knees for years, and this year they got worse. This especially impacts me on the stairs. We have considered complicated accessibility options, but deferred them for now not because of cost, but because they would be a pain to implement. So we're doing simpler things.

We had a railing all the up way on the inner edge of the stairwell. Not so on the outer edge.

New railings were installed this morning by WeHoneyDo on the outer edge of the stairwell, covering the top half and where the bottom half meets the landing.

They still need a coat or two of clear finish to smooth and protect the surface, but are quite usable.

Hobbit tested, they do ease my navigating the stairs.

Railing Extension From Lower Stairs to Landing

Railing on Outer (Left) Side of Upper Stairs

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Back in the Saddle Again

The exercise bike is now up in my office.  No stairs to navigate to use it!

After riding Thursday, I rode the exercise bike again today.  I even got Coach Penwiper to join me for his traditional snuggle.

I actually feel that today over all I did too much with my legs (I'm wobbly), but not horribly so.

Since my MS relapse in April (which I seem mostly recovered from), I've let the conditioning of my legs go. This (and perhaps the MS) affects my balance, which in turn discourages using them, which in turn ...

The bike is not a pure be-all-end-all of conditioning, but it is certainly a good start.

After 16 years, I know the bike is easy to use, I just have to get on it. The bike moving upstairs is specifically helps that; while the bike is out of my way, it's in my face everytime I walk into the office -- a good thing.  And my office has AC, which allows a ride even in the warmth of the afternoon (good for when I am disorganized, like today).  

My biggest problem is the bike is directly under the left stereo speaker (stereo separation, what's that?).   THAT is a first world problem, and I can name four solutions (cheap even!) off the top of my head. My first try will be connecting a cheap pair of speakers run off the secondary zone of the stereo with a cable which has been in storage since Massachusetts and a small adapter which should show up Monday.  (If it doesn't show up on time, I've got plans C and H on tap with toys on hand -- my next ride WILL happen on schedule.)