Saturday, April 16, 2022

Everything Old is New Again

We're thinking of replacing our late-2015 27" iMacs with Mac Studios, which don't have monitors. While we could buy shiny new 4K-resolution monitors, it's overkill. 27" Retina iMacs by default run at only ~50% maximum resolution, and I wouldn't be able to see a thing at full resolution on an iMac or a new 4K monitor. And from my Mac Pro era (2008-2016) I have two 30" monitors with a full resolution which is about same as the default (50% resolution) of the iMacs. I'm writing this on of one them hooked to the iMac. I think this is an excellent intermediate and quite possibly permanent solution.

I just need to find my Webcam …

Dell Monitors fronting (and hiding) my 27" iMac
(The second monitor above is a 24" Dell monitor which has been the iMac's second monitor as well.)