Sunday, August 1, 2004

The Hobbit Hoof

Programming can be a real park your butt in a chair kind of job.

Having lost ~ 25 pounds between Christmas and Easter by those old standards of more exercise and less intake, I've proceeded to put 15 of it back on since then.

The putting on is as straight forward as the taking off was, no exercise and too much junk. Taking a month off was fine after hitting my first goal. However, I lost my good habits, and things like the new cats and work being priorities are excuses, not reasons.

I am working today on a Sunday, but I at least I got off my butt and walked up to the local Togos for a French Dip, milk, and a donut. Obviously not perfect with the donut, but getting out and walking in this weather is certainly a first step.

My new goal is drop the reaquired 15 by October first, quite possible when I have good habits. However, my original goal for the year (17 pounds after the 15) may be out of reach now.

Be prepared for more eating babbles as the summer continues.

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