Sunday, May 28, 2023

The Games Computers Play

For years, I kept making half-hearted attempts at getting MAME (the arcade simulator) working. Several months ago, I tracked down a collection of old games (which don't come with MAME due to copyright reasons), and did get MAME working with them on a dedicated Raspberry Pi 3b with an SDXC card for storage. That particular machine has gone to a friend, but last month I acquired a Raspberry Pi 3b+, and got the setup working again.

I also recent got MAME added to one my bigger Raspberry Pi 4b units with M.2 SATA SSD storage. Then I put dosbox on it, and it works well for older DOS and Windows 3.1 programs; I've got a dosbox configuration which has running smoothly with speed of a 486DX-33. And the 4B is not dedicated to games, it also runs emulated IBM machines and other software.

(Falcon 3.0 video doesn't look any good on the 4B, but anything older is fine. And I can slide Falcon into a VM onto ada, our one modern Intel x64 box. Hope is not lost)

I decided to go for the gold and also put dosbox on the Raspberry Pi 3b+ that runs MAME. It … didn't go well. Not even Lemmings runs cleanly. 

But I don't need multiple machines to play multiple versions of TETRIS on, honest. Right?