Thursday, May 10, 2012

Three Cheers

Weight Watchers hands out stickers with stars (ones that make your former teacher's Gold Stars look expensive) for every trivial thing imaginable, from minor weight milestones and long term attendance to simply deliver (literally) a "Bravo".   Combined with our ... zealous ... meeting leader's cheery nature, it's almost surreal.

When I checked in at the meeting this week, the receptionist noted I had lost my first five pounds, and could it be announced in the meeting?  Since my own records are more precise than theirs, it was old news to me.    Also, having shed weight before, I view dropping the first five pounds as no more than pulling out of the parking lot, so it's no big thing to me.   In any case, I thought it would be nice for others to hear someone making progress, so I said yes.

Never mind other people, I cared when it was announced.   ("Hey, I did something!") I was even vaguely disappointed when I realized it was the only thing I would get (no first "Bravo" for me this week).

I find the Weight Watchers meetings to be somewhat hokey and rather over the top, but I also realize the fundamentals (eat less, eat better, don't starve yourself, exercise) are sound, and that in general it's a dose of something which does help.

My first star is pasted next to my weigh-in data for this week.


  1. Now that you've pulled out of the parking lot, keep going, bro. I'll give you another Bravo!

  2. Good start, Drew, good start - having gone through a (on percentage basis) relatively big weight drop in the past couple of years I would say, for me at least, recognizing each 5# as a personal milestone really helped.

  3. I agree the meetings can be hokey, but it's also nice when I hear people talking about experiences that I've had too, and you can tell everyone in the room understands. It sounds like some people couldn't stick with it without the meetings... others swear by the online tools... everyone seems to motivate a little differently. I like it because I don't have to be a nutrition expert to follow the program, I just have to track one thing (points).
    Keep up the good work!