Tuesday, March 1, 2005

A Meme: Ten things

Ten things I've done that you probably have not.

  1. Been well networked, including:

    • Owned a modem in 1985,
    • Listed a host in the UUCP maps in 1989,
    • Registered a internet domain in 1990 (when there were only ~ 6500 domains total)
    • Provided dial up email services to my family in five states in 1992
    • Installed a home LAN in 1993,
    • Setup a 24x7 link to the Internet in 1995,
    • Setup a personal web site in 1996,
    • Had a cable modem in the summer 1997

    All of this only counts as one item, and now that's all out of the way.
  2. Gone boating in a DUKW on a central New York Finger Lake in November.
  3. Took 11 years to graduate the 4 year college I entered full-time out of high school.
  4. Worked for five different alumni of my college at five different companies.
  5. Been in every one of New York's 62 counties.
  6. Went directly from the first year of Army ROTC to the third year. (But never finished, due to the length of the rest of my college career.)
  7. Took the road test for my driver's license in a British sports car two years younger than I was.
  8. Ridden 1300 miles on a bicycle around town in one summer.
  9. Totaled three vehicles within ten years on interstate highways and walked away from all three crashes. (And since then had 18 years without a chargable accident, knock wood.)
  10. Met my future wife via the Internet (in particular Usenet) in 1989, before most people knew there was an Internet. (And for the record, I then courted her very much in person for six months.)

Inspired by my sister the Bluegrass Mama

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  1. I'm a little behind in my blog-reading. Glad it's not diabetes, but glad you're getting back on track!