Sunday, July 2, 2023

The Ad-dressing of Computers

First, sad news: Pepe Le Pew, our only 8GB Raspberry Pi 4B, has been stress tested and founding sadly wanting. It's been flaky for an indeterminate length of time, and by stress testing it crashes reliably.  (Its older smaller brothers, both 2GB Raspberry Pi 4B units, Foghorn Leghorn and Wile E. Coyote, have had no such problems.) 

So Pepe Le Pew is in the recycling bag. Luckily, the supply shortages for Raspberry Pi have eased; I was to able order a replacement unit for only a small premium, and it arrived promptly. The arrival led to concern over a new system name. That's more important than in most houses, because our machines have assigned IP addresses and names for remote access.  (It's not like you can point at the things!)

The topic of the name led to:

me: "I need a system name, a Looney Tunes character." 
Katherine: "Marvin the Angry Martian"
me: I don't think "Angry" is part of his name.  We know he is angry, but it's not in his name. 
Katherine: "The name not to use is Michigan J. Frog. It performs brilliantly … until someone is looking."

Good advice, but this didn't give me a name (I'd already used Marvin the Martian). I then considered the protagonists of various Looney Tunes cartoons; while I had used most of them, I realized I had missed one: Porky Pig.

I wasn't sure of that name. A Raspberry Pi 4B is not a bloated system, however, the unit is bigger than its siblings. I did consider that a secondary function of that machine and its extra memory is to run the free Raspberry Pi version of Mathematica.

Give our nickname for Mathematica is Mathpig, we have a winner.

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