Monday, August 2, 2021

Plan BT

I mentioned that I needed to adjust the music for my exercise bike now that it is in my office. This had multiple failed iterations:

  • The main speakers in the office stereo are oriented for my desk, not the window that my bike is under.
  • The secondary zone for the office stereo has a UX which was clearly an afterthought.  (I suspect drink was involved, too.)
  • My spare set of cheap computer speakers weren't nearly up to the task of music.
  • The computer (iMac) speakers were good in a pinch, but don't fill my ears from across the room. (On an absolute scale, they may be higher quality than what I'm actually using.)

But now, success!

The exercise bike console has a field expedient solution — a battery powered stereo BlueTooth speaker which my phone talks to. (I also used the phone as the music source is riding downstairs.) The speakers required no cash outlay; credit card reward points were my friend.

The field expedient part is the impromptu harness that keeps the speaker balanced on the console.  The strength part of the harness is a quartet of 12" gear ties; I am not sure they would be up to holding the unit on a road bike, but are fine here.  Two long rubber bands act as a secondary suspension to reduce wobble.

It occurs to me that the no longer mobile speaker will require recharging; I'll either dig out our longest USB cable or use one of the battery packs that live in our various briefcases.

Most importantly, I am now using the bike (and the speaker); I have had eight rides since it moved upstairs.

(Formerly) Portable BT Speaker Secured to My Exercise Bicycle.

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