Wednesday, October 21, 2015

About That Three Letter Domain Name ...

If you were directed here by yours truly, please keep in mind two things:
First, this post was written years ago -- you're not our first rodeo.
Second, this does
 apply to you and your seemingly generous offer.

The problem with owning a three letter domain name, especially one with a somewhat stale personal website, is that people think we could be willing to get rid of it for a quick buck. We're not.

Public Service Announcement:
The domain is not for sale.
Nor does require a professional redesign, SEO services, Facebook marketing, or any other commercial services.

Various facts about, in no particular order:
  • The domain was registered in 1990 when ~ only 5000 domains existed. History matters.
  • The domain was created for email: this domain has been our primary address for decades now. Continuity matters.
  • The domain was not created for the web, which the domain predates. Our choice in how we use our domain matters.
  • The etymology of stems from two sources, both explained on the UUPC/extended history page. Call us sentimental. Our name matters.
  • Most of our public web activity is not on the original web site, but rather on our blogs, including this one and The Summerhill Kitten Farm. Our cats' devoted fans matter.
  • is a Google Apps domain; in simple terms, that means we have data in the cloud associated with the name. Our data matters.
  • Vint Cerf and I chatted briefly back around 2008. He told me to never let go. The opinion of the father of the Internet matters.
  • Lastly, we refuse to put a theoretical price on the domain because:
    1. By ICANN rules, any condition under which we might sell the domain weakens our good-faith ownership of the domain.
    2. Any such price would have more zeroes (plural) than any business would pay.
    3. is not for sale in the first place.
Thus, we end where we began.

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