Monday, December 24, 2012

Old School Home Defense

Sometimes I claim to be old school.   Sometimes I live it:

New Mac-ready USB Keyboard for my home office(click for larger photo)

My (physically) largest Christmas present, above, is basically the grandchild of the the original IBM Model M keyboard, the classic quality PC keyboard.   (I still own two classic Model M units, with each with a PS/2 connector and no annoying Windows keys.)

Differences compared to the Model M aside from the color include that it has a USB connection (not PS/2) and plays well with my Mac computers.

My favorite quote on the IBM Model M is from a co-worker:
"... the type M is also incredibly sturdy.  My personal feeling is that if you can't use your keyboard as a weapon to defend against home invaders and still have it work as a keyboard afterwards, it's obviously not a good design."
One down side: I need to lower my desk to offset the height of the unit.   It was at a borderline height before, and this makes it uncomfortable.

One other downside: If I take it to work, my co-workers may kill me because of the noise it makes.


  1. I remember students at Rose bemoaning how flimsy their early laptops were, and pondering what it would take to design a case that could stop a bullet without affecting use. Clearly this line of thinking used to be more popular...

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