Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Moment of Silence ...

As part of getting ready to leave town for a new job, I cleaned the basement yesterday.

This was not the usual sweep and toss old lumber. Rather, I went through my old computer gear and cleaned out the collection. Two full systems and a variety of items from hard drives to KVM switches went to the Home for Geriatric Computers, run by my friend Ed. The age of his hardware starts where mine ends ... in part because he already has most of my ancient hardware.

More stuff, like serial cables for connecting to two computers together without a network, went in the trash; I probably haven't used those cables in ten years. Now, even with a virgin machine with no network, I would get a USB network adapter or some such.

However, we will have a moment of silence for the departed hardware. I used to have four systems in the network pantry end of the kitchen for both production and test work. Now production (including this web server) is hosted remotely at a commercial data center. We have only one under used server in the basement, which we may power off after we move.

All things must pass.

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