Thursday, December 8, 2005

MINI Winter Wonderland

The MINI is broken in, in more (good) ways than one:

  • It's past it's primary break in period of 1250 miles.

  • I was over on the local suburban shopping mall strip, where you have parking lots emptying into a highway with a speed limit of 50 MPH. Thus merging in with zero runway (a short field takeoff) is often needed. The MINI handled it nicely, with the DSC (traction control) kicking in on dry pavement.

    (Okay, it was like a leap to hyperspace with traction control. You got a problem with that?)

  • Our own sloping driveway had just enough snow that the Miata might have slid on it. The MINI, however, kicked in the DSC again to keep me gently moving.

  • With the Audi being serviced, the MINI had to do an airport run to rescue Katherine returning from DC. Of course it fit Katherine, but it also fit her business luggage. Not something we even considered doing in the Miata.

Happy MINI owners.

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