Wednesday, October 26, 2005

It's Here! It's Here!

Our new Cooper MINI S arrived a week ago. It's as the original pictures show, except it tends to have Katherine or I driving it. It's as fun as the Miata was but has more height, front wheel drive, traction control, better headlights, glass rear window, and other stuff which will make a better second winter car.

The all wheel drive Audi will still get any winter runs up into NY or PA snow country.

It's also faster, but that doesn't make it a better winter car. :-)

It also has a rear seat, but I am not sure even our 10 year old niece would have enough leg room. It's best left for cargo (which is still a major improvement on the Miata).

We saw the our former Miata yesterday, BTW. We sold it to friends at the start of the month, and in spite of the wet New England fall they have had the top down a fair amount, and enjoying it a lot. Yesterday the Miata led the MINI down some rather twisty roads to lunch, making for a pair of happy putt-putts.

As an aside, we discovered in the period between the Miata leaving and the MINI arriving that we are NOT a one car couple. Between the infrequent suburban bus service and the general hub & spoke layout of Boston area transit, it just doesn't work out for us ...

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