Sunday, January 2, 2005

Say it With Flowers

Back in the early 1980's, I lived and worked in Binghamton NY.

Early in my time there (~ 1981), I went out few times with the local rock station's new evening DJ, a young Irish blonde named Lisa. She left both radio and town after less than a year. End of story (not that there was one in the first place), although I did decide I didn't need to date any more DJ's.

However, I did occasionally call the station to make requests, usually of a weekend warrior named Sue, who did a Sunday morning oldies program. That ended when she went full time on the graveyard shift, after which I heard and maybe talked to her perhaps once a month or less. I knew what she looked like from a station sponsored Halloween party, but I don't recall even talking to her in person.

One time I did call the station was a few days before Christmas 1983, when I was filling out Christmas Cards at 5 AM; on a whim, I asked Sue for her home address, so I could send her a card. The conversation went something like this:
Me: "Sue, what's your address? I'll send you Christmas card".
Sue: "Send it to the station; I never get anything at the station."
Me: "That's a not a big deal, is it?"
Sue: "When I was first here as an intern, Lisa got roses. I thought that was really cool."

At this point, the light goes on. (Did I mention I tried too hard when I first knew Lisa?)

Me: "Ah, Sue, I sent those flowers to Lisa."
Sue: "Oh. Well, send it to the station anyway."
Sue had Christmas roses waiting for her at the station that afternoon.

(And no, I never laid eyes on her again - a true paladin knows when the job is done and done well.)

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