Saturday, November 20, 2004

Auto Service

We, along with my eldest sister and the Bluegrass Mama, are all converging at the new Old Homestead in Syracuse for Thanksgiving next week. This 300 mile one-way jaunt through a upstate NY winter means the Audi needs its wipers (which have been bugging me for months) replaced now.

We got replacement inserts at AutoZone, and Katherine futzed with them in the parking lot for 10 minutes in the 40 degree weather before we headed home for tools. This was long enough to remind why I take the cars to the dealer -- I spent too many cold days in our garage while growing up, holding the light for my dad while he worked on our cars, both mundane and classic.

I mentioned this to Katherine as we got home, and she reminded me that she doesn't do home remodeling personally for similar reasons. I was promptly released from further standing around.

I went to be useful, namely by teasing the cats some more.

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  1. We recently paid professionals to replace the wiper blades on both our vehicles. And it wasn't even cold out.