Sunday, October 24, 2004

In Living Color

The World Series is here.

In response, I made a purchase I had threatened since last year, namely a HD-ready TV. It's a 32" inch LCD, which is about as large as one would physically want in our house.

Friday night, I wedged it in backseat of the Audi A4, got it home, and set it up. Saturday morning, Comcast delivered the required HD cable box. A few upgraded cables were still being seated as the pre-game show started Saturday evening, but all was ready for the Big Game proper.

Unfortunately, this instantly more or less obsoleted my Tivo Series 2, and didn't do much for our ~ 2001 era DVD player.

At least I didn't jinx the Old Towne Team. Sox Win! Sox Win!


  1. Do the Sox look just as scruffy on HDTV?
    GO SOX!

  2. No. They look worse, because you can see each individual (unshaven) hair follicle.

  3. I'll be you can even tell Mueller and Millar apart, not to mention Pedro & Manny.